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Board of Education

Carlisle County Board of Education

Foundational Documents

Guiding Principle (Vision)

Pursue excellence toward lifetime learning


Our mission is to enable all students to reach their potential as learners, now and for a lifetime.


Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Operating Principles

Our Carlisle County School Board Team commits to:

  • Sustaining the focus on what is best for all students;

  • Leading through clear objectives, expectations, and policies;

  • Delegating authority and responsibility for action that supports our agreed mission;

  • Celebrating improvement and excellence;

  • Making decisions based on facts, competent advice and shared values;

  • Being truthful and honest;

  • Working as a team;

  • Valuing differing perspectives;

  • Doing our homework;

  • Respecting one another, disagreeing agreeably;

  • Promoting no personal or hidden agenda;

  • Supporting the Board’s decision; and

  • Respectfully reminding one another of these commitments


  • All students will be treated fairly.
  • All students will be taught through individualized methods.
  • All resources will be used to benefit children.
  • All students will be at grade level in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade.
  • All students will be valued and cared for.
  • All students will learn what good citizenship requires.
  • All students will be provided with facilities, opportunities, instructors, and experiences sufficient to provide a good foundation educationally, socially, mentally, and physically.
  • All of our students will graduate.


Board Members

Brian Grogan
Kirk Arnold
Casey Storm
Scott McIntyre
John Matt Fourshee


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